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Past Projects

Cover face drills
Manufacture new and rebuilds of Cover face drills
Utility Vehicles
Utility Vehicles (electro-hydraulic flameproof) –manufacture new & rebuilds
Flameproof Compressors
Flameproof Compressors (390 & 500CFM) 
Stone dusters
Stone dusters – manufacture new
Crawler Rig Roofbolters
Electro/hydraulic Crawler Rig Roofbolters – refurbish & manufacture new
Stay bolts
Stay bolts & dead end bolts – manufacture
Hydraulic cylinders
Design and manufacture for mining and civils of various Hydraulic cylinders
Mechanical cylinder sprags
Mechanical cylinder sprags – manufacture
Mobile platforms and trailers
Mobile platforms and trailers – design and manufacture

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  • Unit 2 Industrial Park 58 Watt Road
    New Era, Springs
  • +27  11 817 2296

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